Looking inland from Peniscola one can see the distant mountain ranges slope down to the fertile groves and farmlands.

About 15 minutes drive east from Peniscola as you approach the edge of the mountains one can see the small town of Cervera del Maestre  rising high from the lowlands near the Cervera river. From this mountain top town one can see the fishing ports of Peniscola, Benicarlo and Vinaros, and beyond the rolling hills of prime agriculture land, of distant olive and orange groves.

It is here amongst the gently rising orange groves and almond trees we are creating a  ‘Parque  Residentcia’, a small, select rural community of outstanding beauty and tranquillity where one will find a unique and relaxed environment. Each villa of natural stone, with its own garden is built on and in the stone walled terraces of the 50,000 sq metre park of mature carob, almond and ageless olive trees. A place where one will be close to nature, to walk and wander in rustic parkland yet in close proximity to all amenities that one would need for modern living.

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